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    Modern day networking from the comfort of my seat

    How I am using twitter to develop my business..

    I started out on twitter as many people do by randomly following people who share similar interest. Over time this has changed and I’m now following fellow Tweeters who add value by providing me with useful information and links not only relevant to my community but also in building my business.

    Over the last week I have….

    • Asked to connect fellow Tweeters together so there relationship can be started.
    • Connected two businesses together who have the potential¬† to¬† passbusiness to one another.
    • Promoted a local business event.
    • Promoted my own TweetUp.
    • Provided informal education.
    • Had fellow Tweeters thank me for introducing them to one another at a TweetUp.
    • Connected with new Tweeters.
    • Learnt more about the community#Brighton I live in.
    • I wendt to an event I heard about on Twitter.
    • Sent an American reporter a link to a blog post which is about how coaches use twitter which has now been published.
    • Arranged a face to face meeting with another business owner.

    Not badvfor an hours networking…