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    The importance of time management – Lorelei Gibb


    All too often we hear that the reason a company is not engaging with social media is lack of time. Time is one of businesses most precious commodities’, and the thought of adding an online presence to an already time consuming marketing campaign can seem a minute too far!

    There are enough reasons why you should be using social media as part of your marketing organic whole to fill an entire blog, but suffice to say, if you’re not part of the “conversation”, how do you know what others are saying about you and your brand?

    So, if time is the reason holding you back, then here are our,

    5 Time Saving Social Media Tips:

    1.      Scheduled Posts:  Whilst twitter.com doesn’t give you this facility,various twitter compatible platforms allow you to schedule your posts. This enables you to either set aside a block of time once a week, daily, or what suits you best, to write all of your “tweets” which are then sentout automatically at a time that you have set.

    2.   Email Update:  Having keyword alerts sent directly to your inbox enables you to keep an eye on whether your twitter account, or yourbrand has been mentioned. If you have set up all your posts to be automated this means that you can still interact and continue the conversation with fellow tweeters – this is, after all, the core of what twitter is about – engaging and interacting with people.

    3.     Linking Accounts:  Instead of going into Twitter, and then Facebook, and then Linkedin etc, set your accounts up so that they are all linked; post one update and get it sent through to all the social networking sites that you are using.

    4.     #in:  There are differing views as to the value and worth of posting updates on Linkedin. Some schools of thought feel you just shouldn’t, whereas some feel it’s a great idea. The benefit is that not everybody you are connected with on Linkedin may have a Twitter account, and so it’s a way of reaching out to them.

    However, it is unlikely that you would want your entire Twitter stream posted on Linkedin, so once you’ve adapted your settings, Tweets which contain  “#in” will be the only one’s appearing on Linkedin.

    5.       Tie It All In:  Using Twitter as a tool for pointing people to your blog see our blog on Twitter Etiquette at  is a fantastic idea! But why not tie your blog in with your newsletters, direct mail and any other marketing you’ve got going out? This way you are covering all of your current clients, and targeting people who have yet to find you.

    Twitter may not have begun life as a platform for corporate marketing, but if used “correctly” it can be an extremely useful marketing tool.

    Our company runs informal workshops on Twitter and other aspects of online marketing and computing, and we’re always happy to advise you further.

    Wishing you happy Tweeting, @sirenf aka Lorelei Gibb, Dolphin Computer Upgrades Ltd.