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    Hello world!

    The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is all about how information is passed. I woke up one morning about three weeks ago and thought to myself. How could I try this experiment on twitter, what I mean is how could I bring together a group of people who have a common interest by purely using a modern form of communication.

    So I thought to myself twitter is the perfect modern-day tool for spreading information like a virus. So off I went on Twitter I sent direct messages to everybody I knew in Brighton inviting them to a social Meetup of like-minded tweeters.

    Before my eyes I watched my new exciting venture take of. Now it’s one thing watching activity on Twitter but what people really turn up for a social gathering.

    I’m delighted to say that the Brighton Twitter Social Meetup on the 28th May was a tremendous success! Over 30 Twitters from the local community arrived from a broad range of backgrounds which included individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses representatives and sole traders with a mix from the mainstream business world and creative industries.

    New contacts were made and business passed.

    Due to it’s success regular Meetups are now planned for the last Friday of each month between 4pm and 7pm venue to be confirmed.

    Future Tweetup’s will include:
    Tweet Networking
    #followfriday #ff
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