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    Guest Blog by Greg Dreyfus – How do I use Twitter?

    The first time I heard of Twitter I rushed to judgment describing it as an RSS feed on speed. But it is far from. The concept of Twitter is so simplistic in nature that it can slot into existing processes or even create new ones that are more efficient by being effectively a mini-blogging platform, an RSS feed as well as an instant messaging platform all in one.

    Personally, I use Twitter for various purposes. In my daily life, it is used to promote my creative outlets whether they are blogs, pictures or videos; it allows a quick broadcast of my work to the connected world. I also use Twitter as a virtual equivalent of Speakers’ Corner to voice my thoughts & opinions, except my voice is not force upon others but instead they have chosen to listen… or unfollow straight after. This is part of the beauty of this system. The organically grown network of followers you acquire on Twitter are interested in what you have to say and have the choice to stop following you.

    Ever since I’ve let Twitter integrate into my life, I’ve had my finger on the pulse & found myself more connected with my local community & with what’s happening around me. I’ve made great connections with individuals & businesses that would have never happened in the tangible world.

    Twitter has allowed me to easily expand the feed of information I receive in the fields I’m interested in and, depending on my followers, some I’m not which can be quite refreshing sometimes. I regularly re-tweet (to post again to non-twitter savvy) information if I think it is useful, informative and relevant to what I am about.

    People are finding new uses for Twitter all the time – what will you use it for?

    The links to my blogs are

    as follows:-

    Gregs  – Blog

    Gregs Foodie – Blog


    Brighton Twitter MeetUp

    Aiming to bridge the gap between the virtual and real word by creating a social event for fellow Tweeters.

    This event is open to anybody who uses twitter as a business or social networking tool.

    * Meet in real life
    * Get connected
    * Connected with others
    * Make new friends

    Held on the last Friday of the month….

    Between 4pm – 7pm


    Geisha Arts – Meeting Place and Exhibition Space provides a creative environment that stretches the imagination.

    In the heart of the city they are Brighton’s newest contemporary and urban art gallery offering a professional, friendly, creative and inspiring environment.

    Geisha Arts hosts the work of some of the worlds most cutting edge artists, such as Goldie, Zac Walsh, Matt Small, Henrijs Priess and many more. Never before has there been a space quite like Geisha Arts in Brighton.

    * Unlimited use of Geisha WiFi will be available.

    Geisha Arts review by: Alice Rreeves

    Modern day networking from the comfort of my seat

    How I am using twitter to develop my business..

    I started out on twitter as many people do by randomly following people who share similar interest. Over time this has changed and I’m now following fellow Tweeters who add value by providing me with useful information and links not only relevant to my community but also in building my business.

    Over the last week I have….

    • Asked to connect fellow Tweeters together so there relationship can be started.
    • Connected two businesses together who have the potential  to  passbusiness to one another.
    • Promoted a local business event.
    • Promoted my own TweetUp.
    • Provided informal education.
    • Had fellow Tweeters thank me for introducing them to one another at a TweetUp.
    • Connected with new Tweeters.
    • Learnt more about the community#Brighton I live in.
    • I wendt to an event I heard about on Twitter.
    • Sent an American reporter a link to a blog post which is about how coaches use twitter which has now been published.
    • Arranged a face to face meeting with another business owner.

    Not badvfor an hours networking…